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Crafting Stories

Photographer and Videographer

Available to hire for the following services.

Tabletop Gaming

Visual Storytelling for Tabletop RPG Creators

Maverick Cameraworks offers a specialized photography service tailored for tabletop RPG game developers and creators. Aaron Borg’s expertise lies in bringing your game’s components — miniatures, game boards, and accessories — to vivid life. His photography captures the fine details and craftsmanship of your products, essential for engaging potential customers and showcasing the quality and uniqueness of your designs.



Showcasing your products in their best light with crisp, captivating imagery.

Family and Portrait

Capturing your cherished moments and the essence of personalities in stunning portraits.


Bringing the energy and passion of live performances to life through dynamic photography.

Commercial and Architectural

Elevating spaces and designs with professional, high-quality architectural imagery.


Capturing the breathtaking beauty of nature in exquisite, expansive photographs.


Highlighting the sleek design and details of automobiles with artistic precision.



Crafting compelling corporate stories through engaging and professional video content.


Offering a new perspective with stunning aerial footage for diverse projects.


Creating controlled, high-quality video content in a professional studio setting.

Headshot of Aaron Borg

Meet Aaron Borg – The Artist Behind the Lens

Welcome to Maverick Cameraworks, where vision meets precision. Aaron Borg, a seasoned photographer and videographer, brings a unique blend of creativity and technical experience to every project.

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